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Hey friend!

We’re Heather, Naomi, and Bethany – a home birth midwife team serving Northwest San Antonio and the Hill Country. We can’t wait to get to know you!
Whether you long for a sweet baby, have one on the way (or a whole brood), you’re already a Mama – and we’re here to honor every step of that beautiful Becoming

This is
Holy Work​

We are all born of and nourished by Living Water

It binds us as equals.

From the swimming a new life does in the amniotic waters, to washing away the day, to drinking deep of refreshing water, to the invitation to dive deep into the Living Water of Jesus – water is life giving, precious, and vital & so is your new little life!

From the first flutters and kicks to the pile of shoes at the front door, our desire is for you to be firmly planted in an atmosphere of attentive support, encouragement, well-being, and clinical expertise.

Our experienced team is ready with the resources, support, and knowledge you need to have a safe and successful birth, and we are ready to serve & support you from the first contraction through all the new cuddles and beyond.

We believe that God is in all the spaces, all the plans, and all the intentions behind our daily lives — Especially in the beautiful, and sometimes challenging process of becoming a new mother.

The process, the people, the care, the triumph when it’s all done, and the birth of a new mother are what make midwifery our passion.

We do what we do because we love walking mamas and families through the labyrinth of their birth journeys with care, patience, and informed empowerment.

So this is your invitation – to step out of the waters of fear and uncertainty and to swim deep with us in the pools of sacred joy and new life.

Did you know that we help families internationally too?

Click here to learn more about how LWB delivers in Haiti.